31 Honest Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Gets Rejected By A Guy She Really Likes

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1. “Whatever. He wasn’t even that cute anyway. LOL, what was I even thinking?”

2. “I love how he doesn’t even have the balls to say he’s not interested. Ugh, I don’t want to date a guy like that anyway.”

3. “Maybe I’ll go after his friend. YES. That will show him.”

4. “He was a terrible kisser anyway.”

5. “OMG, maybe he’s gay. Yes, that’s probably it.”

6. “Sooooo deleting his number from my phone.” (But I’m still going to memorize it/write it down on a piece of paper just in case.)

7. “Did he all of a sudden start thinking I’m ugly?”

8. “Did he stalk my Facebook and start thinking I’m crazy?”

9. “Thank God I didn’t add him on Facebook.” (Or “I shouldn’t have added him on Facebook.”)

10. “Maybe he’s getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.”

11. “I am so much hotter than his ex…

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9 Ugly Lessons About Sex From Big Data


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Big Data: the friend you met at a bar after your usual two drinks, plus one. You leaned in, listening more intently than usual. “Digital footprint.” “Information Age.” You nodded and smiled, even though you didn’t understand. “Change the world.” “The future.” You were impressed—and even if you weren’t, you faked it well.

Come morning, you have only fuzzy recollections of Big Data, its tag lines and buzzwords. You also find it vaguely reprehensible.

If you’re still up for it, there’s another side of Big Data you haven’t seen—not the one that promised to use our digital world to our advantage to optimize, monetize, or systematize every last part our lives. It’s the big data that rears its ugly head and tells us what we don’t want to know. And that, as Christian Rudder demonstrates in his new book, Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking)

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30 Is the New 50: Old Age Is Killing My Dating Life

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“You know,” he says. “It’s tough for people our age.”

It’s 1 a.m. on a Monday, and I am currently on the phone having an argument with a guy I’d been on only four dates with, three of them good. One of them—the last—was less good, given he had gone MIA for the better part of three weeks and I had a sneaking suspicion he had a girlfriend.

We hadn’t slept together, but the kisses had been the type of kisses you walk away from with shaky knees and blind hope. There was something there, and we both knew it, which is why we were attempting to hash things out over the phone at some ungodly hour. Because at our age, we’re adults, and things matter more. The mistakes leave marks.

Alex is 38. I’m 30. Technically, there are no “people our age.”…

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