Sitting at Starbucks and Waiting for Something

“I’m totally going to work, I’m totally going to get all my stuff done.”

~Said everyone at Starbucks ever

Dear Friends, 

Almost no one ever gets their stuff done at Starbucks. And I know, because I watch these people daily. They sit and drink coffee, play around on their Macs, and talk to their bosom buddies. 

You never knew this about me, but when I have nothing to do, I observe. I love watching people. I love seeing them smile at their babies. I love watching a group of friends procrastinate on their homework as they sip hot chocolate. I especially love seeing that one boy or girl who is caught up in his or her thoughts, who seems so alone, until another person approaches them; suddenly they aren’t sad anymore. 


  • A girl in the corner eats a sandwich and listening to music as she works on her dissertation.
  • This beautiful redhead focuses on entertaining her friend’s parents with mundane facts about college
  • A dancer and Resident Assistant in an all girls dorm turns her laptop away from others to work. She’s the only one.
  • A cute boy winks at me. I wink back.


This mundane stuff makes me happy, but also lonely, like I am a child lost in a department store. So many people concentrate all their energy on their technology and their own self, and they forget to look around them. Look! See other people and wonder about them. When did they last cry? Who is #4 on their speed-dial? Where do they go, and where do they think they go? 




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