My Valentine’s Day

I openly despise Valentine’s Day because it is a capitalist scheme meant to suck every dime from my already light purse. But today was surprisingly a good day. A great day. I’ll tell you why.

I got a wonderful night’s sleep before I took a shower and played my favorite music.

I went to my one class, and then talked to my friends over lunch.

After lunch, I went to the elementary school where I work and supervised (but mostly played with) all the kindergarteners.

My dad and brother picked me up so I wouldn’t have to take the bus back to campus.

I had dinner with friends in the cafeteria, and was given flowers by a very thoughtful staff member. 



Carnations: A Love Affair


So while I’m sad that I’m not spending time with a boyfriend or my family, I think this was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. I got to spend it with some of the people I love, and that is enough.

Have a heartfelt Valentine’s Day, 



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