I Hate To Say It…: A Contemplation of The Mother’s Future in HIMYM


*Be aware: Spoilers ahead

After nine beautiful years, Chuck Lorre’s How I Met Your Mothera narrative about a man and his quest for true love, is ending March 31st, 2014. The show has had it’s ups and downs throughout the years, but one thing is for sure; America is crying. For years the show dragged out the question of who Ted Mosby’s perfect woman was, and whether there was any chance it was hopeless love interest Robin Scherbatsky (She’s referred to as “Aunt Robin” in the pilot, but it could always be a red herring).

But no! HIMYM‘s Carter Bays and Craig Thomas confirmed that the lovely Cristin Milioti is The Mother in May, 2013. Since then, a lot has happened–Lily and Marshall’s ongoing fight and eventual reconciliation about Italy, Jerome’s problems with his husband, and Barney’s parents’ possible reunion, just to name a few–all in the span of Barney and Robin’s 56-hour wedding weekend. Ugh, get me some Xanax.

The Mother, played by Cristin Milioti, buys a train ticket to Farhampton


The road to Ted’s greatest love was looking pretty smooth until the nineteenth episode “Vesuvius” dropped a bomb on it all, leaving fans to wonder: Is it a fatal end for our dear Mother? 

‘How I Met Your Mother’: That Mother twist has to be a red herring. Right?

4 Theories About the Mother on HIMYM

Let’s review what we know:

  • We know it is 2030, and Ted has two teenage kids
  • Ted has never referred to the Mother in present tense
  • Then there’s that sad scene where Ted goes up to his future wife’s door with a soliloquy about his undying love. Cue the tissues.
  • In “Vesuvius,” the Mother says: “What mother would miss her daughter’s wedding?” And Ted starts sobbing.
  • Finally, last night’s episode entitled “Gary Blauman” instills the reminder that not all friendships last, and when you find one that matters, hold onto it.

Right now, it’s not looking too good for Mom.

They haven't found each other yet.
They haven’t found each other yet.


If Ted’s wife died, it would be heartbreaking. America has watched the sweet and romantic Ted Mosby fall and get up too many times to see this tragedy befall him. We don’t want the “love of his life” to die. But we don’t want this great series to end in a stew of cliché either. And I hate to say it, but from a writing standpoint, her death may be the plot twist that sets HIMYM apart. I would be impressed if they killed off the Mother, because sometimes it’s not about the traditional happy ending. It’s about the life these characters lived.

CATCH UP on the series here.

But don’t worry. This series loves trickery and red herrings. Perhaps there is hope for the most adorable characters in this series.

What do you think?


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