18 Things People Don’t Seem To Get About White People (Because, Racism)

This article brings up a lot of good points.

Thought Catalog

David ScaglioneDavid Scaglione

The only thing that is physically “White” about me is the underside of my forearms. Ethnically I am Middle Eastern (Jewish). Culturally I am Middle Eastern (Jewish). Linguistically I am English. But only during the work week.

Yet due to my lighter complexion and lack of a sexy accent, most people do tend to assume that I am “white.” (in fact, most non-Middle-Eastern Americans that I have met seem to think that Middle-Eastern people look like Indians). I am therefore comfortable speaking from the point of view of the average “white” New Yorker who, according to people like Macy Domingo who make assumptions about “white people” go about their daily existence blissfully ignorant of the plethora of privileges and blessings they enjoy at the expense of people of “color.”

In response to Domingo’s list of “18 Things White People Seem To Not Understand (Because, White Privilege),”…

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