When I was young,
I would see flowers…
Dozens of flowers everywhere.
Lilacs, daisies, bluebells
And I would pick them
Set them in my vase,
Wait for blossoms.
But those lilacs died, those
Daisies withered.
Bluebells fell away.

I grew up amongst pools of flowers
Hundreds of flowers everywhere.
Lavender, poppies, calla lilies
And I would put them by the hearth
To warm.
Wait for growth.
And there lavender wilted.
Poppies refused to glow.
Calla lilies turned dim.

I became a woman
in a field of flowers
Thousands of buds
Reaching for my arms
Simpering in excitement.
I put them away
In my bedside drawer
Thinking to tend to them later.
Yet by then
they had shriveled up
And become frail beings
Of their past form.

I took those roses out today
Asked them if they would
Like some water
Or food.
But they stood still,
Said nothing to me.
Because what rose
Would want an old flower like me?


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