Why your blog shouldn’t be all about you.

Too true.

No, YOU Go Outside.


We all quite like ourselves, us bloggers. Failing that, we all think we’re entertaining enough to be the subjects of our own stories. Every time we post we’re handing out bits of ourselves, like self obsessed cafeteria ladies. “Oh Ho!” I hear you say (don’t ask me why you’re speaking like a chimney sweep) “but I write a blog about repairing antique ladies shoes”. “Shut up about your damn shoes” I would say, before I explained to you the distinction. People who like to fix antique ladies shoes go out and find jobs being Pit Stop Guys for the cast of Downton Abbey, and probably get a lot of eyebrows raised in their directions. People who think they are super interesting write blogs about it. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true, you and your shoes.

There’s nothing wrong with being super interesting. People love people who are super interesting… for a…

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