Dating is dead

Is dating really dead? Hmm. I will go into mourning shortly.

Little 'n' Fierce

Whatever happened to dating? You know, you meet a guy, exchange numbers and like a week later you see a crappy movie and go to dinner?

Dating is dead and it is so sad. 

The internet and texting have ruined EVERYTHING. Literally ruined the dating world for us millennials. Think about it even the basics of dating, like ringing a person’s doorbell to pick them up is gone. You just text him or her and out the door pops a person. No awkward meet the parents, nothing.

People don’t even know how to talk to each other anymore. Look at a table of 20-somethings out at dinner or the bar–they are all buried in their phones. They are not even speaking with the people they came with. So if we can’t pick our heads up out of our phones to talk with our friends how are we ever going to meet new…

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