Echo Door Echo

That brick building
and its door
keeps you up
in the fervent night
but the thing you fear
isn’t the building.
It’s the black echo
surrounding it.

The sun isn’t out
and you look
at that echo─
that door─
that echo…
It lingers at the
fringe of your mind.

A child
in a white dress
skips stones.
She smiles
as she tells you
it is time to say goodbye.
Those days are gone, she says.
What days?
The sad days.
The alone-ly days.
Death days.

I don’t know
what you’re talking about,
you say.
But inside you tremble
as you walk up
to the echo─
echo, and
push through.

Bleak walls.
that want to
invade you.
The silence
screams and
yells in your ears
as you step
into the halls.

Years later, you
awaken from that dream
that terror
that oppressor
of your real dreams.
But in the middle
of the night,
you recall
the white dress,
and her eyes
as she says


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