23 Struggles Of Wanting An Old-Fashioned Relationship

This is me in almost all ways.

Thought Catalog


1. Feeling like a bad modern woman (or feminist if you identify that way), because you just want a guy to make the first move.

2. Actually believing in getting asked out or asking people out in-person, or by a phone call. And then getting called “forward” or “creepy.”

3. Being called a hypocrite because you really do want some of the old-timer gender roles IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE even though you’re not saying everyone has to live that way!

4. Not participating in hookup culture and being called all sorts of lovely (see: awful) names because people think that you think you’re “better than them.”

5. The awkward conversation of having to be up-front pretty early on about your views on sex whether it’s wanting to wait until a particular passage of time, or right up until marriage.

6. Constantly being told that you need to “get with…

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