Me, my bro, and the dog.
Me, my bro, and the dog.

My name is Chloe Laurenne and I am the writer at Cafuné!

So a bit about me: I go to college in Indianapolis, and I am the eldest child of two. I am majoring in English, and I have no clue what I am minoring in. But who cares? I’m still young. There are only two beings who really matter to me after my family members, and that is my dog and my imaginary friend Zork. He says hello.

Why I started Cafuné: I love writing. It is who I am, and I embrace it fully. But sometimes, we fail to do the things we love because our insecurities override our passion. Here at Cafuné I will try to get past these thoughts and do what I love. Hopefully I provide integrity and truth to the internet.


Thank you.



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