Tinder and I Only Lasted 2 Days

When I got my new phone, I was really excited for many reasons.

  • IMG_0013Internet!
  • Snapchat!
  • Pictures!

I know I shouldn’t have been excited about the last one–I mean, Tinder never works. It’s a hook-up app, and everyone knows it. But I wanted to be in the know. I wanted to have people think I’m sexy and flirt with me. So I downloaded the app.

Big mistake.

I was on there all the time. It was weird every time I got matched with someone, and I was so happy every time. 12 matches… 25… 36 matches. Yay 🙂 People like me! I am a Tinder goddess!

But it got old pretty fast.

Between pictures of fish, dead deer, babies (and “this ain’t my baby” captions), dogs, and shirtless pictures, I was getting bored.


I did however get this guy’s number (NOT the guy here). Seems pretty amazing on cover… not sure he has the interest to actually call or meet me in person.

We will see.